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Bauhaus lamps – An art school takes over the world

Hardly any other institution has had such an influence on art, architecture and design as the Staatliches Bauhaus (1919-1933). With its functional and rational concepts, the Weimar art school became one of the most important design movements in the world. The Tecnolumen Wagenfeld WG 24 by Bauhaus student Wilhelm Wagenfeld, still enjoying great popularity today, is one of the most exemplary Bauhaus lamps. The German label Tecnolumen is the only manufacturer worldwide with a licence from Wilhelm Wagenfeld to reproduce "Wagenfeld" Bauhaus luminaires. Moreover, further Bauhaus lamps of the early 20th century are part of the assortment of the Bremen-based company.
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Bauhaus lamps – Classics

There are many Bauhaus classics. With their simple geometrical shapes, Kaiser idell table lamps by Fritz Hansen, for example, are perfect showcases for the low-key aesthetics of the Bauhaus. The Modell 6631-T Luxus was a longtime requisite in the German TV series “Der Kommissar”. This Bauhaus classic was conceived by Christian Dell, who worked as a foreman of the metal workshop and as a teacher at the Bauhaus. Bestlite lamps by Gubi, too, breathe the spirit of the Bauhaus. Inspired by the latter, Robert Dudley Best designed the BL table lamp , which achieved cult status within just a few years – not least because Prime Minister Winston Churchill put it on his own desk.

The successors of the Bauhaus

The formal reduction and the clear geometrical composition defining the Bauhaus have inspired many brands and contemporary designers. The IC Lights by Flos feature characteristic elements of Bauhaus lamps, such as the use of plain, sober shapes. The spiritus rector of these lamps is Michael Anastassiades , you will find more works of the Cypriot design star reminiscent of the principles of the Weimer art school in our online shop. With puristic and elegant designs, the German company Mawa also well demonstrates the fascination that comes from Bauhaus lamps.

Bauhaus lights – the bestsellers at light11

Tecnolumen Wagenfeld WG 24
The table lamp by Tecnolumen, designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, is one of the most famous design objects of the Bauhaus era.

Serien Lighting Rod Wall LED
Surrounded by resistant borosilicate glass, the elegant wall luminaire looks like a showcase for high-quality light.

Flos IC Lights C/W1
The ceiling and wall lamp with the characteristic ball made of mouth-blown glass was designed by Michael Anastassiades.

Bauhaus lights – best-selling product families at light11

Mawa Wittenberg 4.0
The Wittenberg lights from the Bradenburg manufacturer Mawa convince with their objective design and state-of-the-art lighting technology.

Top Light Puk
The customisable Puk lights impress with their modern and high-quality design. The lighting effect can be individually adjusted.

Flos IC Lights
The IC Lights collection includes table, floor, wall and pendant lights. All have the characteristic glass diffuser in common.

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