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This is what the previous winners had to say

January 2017

€ 111,- shopping voucher
Andreas W. from Reutlingen

Excellent product. The material and workmanship are of the highest quality. The same goes for the technology (dimmer). In terms of flexibility, it is comparable to the Tolomeo, which is hard to top. A relatively small light, delicate and with more sophisticated details than expected from this minimalist design. However, there is no detail that disturbs the linear design of this light, there is not a gram of fat that is too much, everything on this light fulfils the highest requirements: the joints, the frame, the cable and the power supply as well as the thumb screws are all beautiful to look at. Regarding the lighting: the power consumption is 8 watts as far as I know. I have placed it next to a couch to use it as a reading light and I rarely run it on maximum brightness. The luminous efficacy of this light is enormous and it has exceeded my expectations. The light emitted is extraordinarily bright. A definite recommendation to buy this light. It is functional and just lovely to look at. The price-performance ratio is also an advantage.

December 2016

€ 111,- shopping voucher

The Luceplan Costanza Terra has exceeded our expectations in every respect. We were searching for a modern classic, which supplies a soft ambient light without brightly illuminating the ceiling or the corners in an unpleasant way. What we like the most about this light: the assembly is very easy. The touch dimmer makes switching the light on and off and adjusting the brightness more than comfortable. The lighting effect is very beautiful and gentle and at the same time, the light acts as a shining eye-catcher next to the couch. The light has a modern, elegant and subtle appearance. It goes wonderfully with our antique desk as well as the modern couch and coffee table. The possibility to adjust the height is important and an additional bonus. The price-performance ratio is more than good. In conclusion: we unreservedly recommend this light and find the Red Dot Design Award definitely justified. The service provided by Light11 also deserves a full score: fast, courteous, reliable. We are very pleased.

November 2016

€ 111,- shopping voucher
Birgit from Düsseldorf

Regarding the shop: initially, I purchased the Mawa light in a different colour, which did not fit as well as I expected. Order, delivery and return are fast, smooth and reliable at Light11. To me, this is one of the best and the most service-oriented online-shops. Regarding the product: due to a lack space, I chose the Mawa-Mini table lamp in matt white. The lamp supplies a very pleasant light, is dimmable and provides a memory function. The operation is worked out in a very elegant way. By gently touching the light with a thumb, you adjust the brightness. The light shows great workmanship and I can’t imagine my desk without it. I always look forward to using it.

October 2016

€ 111,- shopping voucher
V. Gruenert from Berlin

Even though I am generally sceptic about buying at online-shops, I have reconsidered my opinion due to the positive ratings on trusted shops and decided to take a look at the product world of licht11. The broad product range not only offers many design classics but also – in most cases – an unbeatable price. The website is designed very clearly and shows the products in many different situations by means of numerous images so that you are able to understand and imagine the lights shown without having seen them in person. The Tolomeo series by Artemide is one of the utmost design classics. It is timeless and highly functional. By means of the various different versions, the light is really versatile. Therefore, it has not only found its way into living spaces but working spaces as well due to its bright light and easy operation. The ordering process and the purchase transaction were clear and easy to understand. I found the extremely fast delivery particularly impressive. I ordered the light in the evening and received it on the very next day. Regarding service and product, there is nothing to complain. The same goes for the price-performance ratio. I would recommend licht11 at any time and I would like to thank you for the great service as well as the fantastic high-quality light at a top price.

September 2016

€ 111,- shopping voucher
Volker Stevens from Düren

The "Eintopf" light by MAWA from Potsdam impresses by its clear and linear design with many different surface finishes. To match the other lights in our living room we chose matt nickel. The quality of the surface as well the workmanship as a whole is excellent. The light only consists of a lamp socket and a ceiling mount, which is attached to the ceiling by means of two screws. The actual “Eintopf” (German for “hotpot”) is screwed onto the ceiling mount after its installation and electrical connection and before inserting the lamp. Depending on the illuminant, you may create many different lighting moods with the Eintopf. For example, we used a bright filament LED, which on the one hand serves as a lighting for tidying up the living room and the balcony in front and on the other hand projects a beautiful light pattern on the ceiling. Despite the high price, a definite recommendation from us – this light finds its place everywhere!