Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer: fascinating light objects designed by a world star

Sensational creations are his hobbyhorse Ingo Maurer, world-class German designer, is known for his extraordinary designs. With lamps made of original Japanese paper, Campari bottles, inflatable lamps and many other spectacular creations, Ingo Maurer creates fascinating light objects that transform any room into an exhibition space.

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Best of Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer: the spectacular as a hallmark

Designs by Ingo Maurer have one thing in common: they captivate with a high degree of originality. The German makes use of numerous, very different themes. In the Lucellino lamps , for example, he decorates the socket of a special low-voltage lamp with wings made of genuine goose feathers. In this way, these Ingo Maurer lamps look like little glowing birds. If you would like to experience these "light birds" as a whole swarm, we recommend the Birds collection.

The German cult designer also provides an unparalleled aha effect with the Zettel’z pendant luminaires. These come with a shade made of sheets of real Japanese paper. In addition to already printed sheets, you will also receive unprinted sheets - so a Zettel'z becomes an incomparable work of light art with many personal messages. The iconic bottles of Fortunato Depero function as a shade in the Campari Light - which not only generates beguiling light, but also functions as a phenomenal eye-catcher.

Original designs for living room and co.

Ingo Maurer: sought-after lighting in the entire living space

Due to their high decorative value, Ingo Maurer lamps cut a good figure in practically every room, for example in a living room. Whether as Lucellino wall lamp, as Zettel'z pendant lamp or as Birdie's Nest ceiling lamp: the original light dispensers impress with their exceptional design and atmospheric light. This wonderful combination also makes them coveted lighting solutions in a dining room or kitchen.


Ingo Maurer lamps also enhance a bedroom in an inimitable way. Here they present themselves during the day as enchanting furnishing accessories, while their atmospheric light has a calming effect in the evening and thus initiates a well-earned night's rest. In a hallway they turn the heads of the guests with their extraordinary appearance and create an inviting ambience with their cosy light.

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