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Philips – a global leader also in the area of light fixtures

As one of the world’s leading electronics companies, the Royal Philips N. V., headquartered in Amsterdam, generated a turnover of 23 billion euros with 116,000 employees all over the world in 2013. Founded by Gerard and Frederik Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 1891 as a manufacturing company for incandescent lamps, Philips is today one of the leading providers of consumer electronics such as shavers, products from the field of healthcare and body care as well as lamps and lights. Here, the company‘s overall focus is on enhancing the quality of life of human beings, i.e. of their health. By now, the area of lighting has become so successful that van Houten, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management and Executive Committee at Philips, announced in September 2014 that

the Lighting business will be managed as an independent brand as of 2016 – including a possible IPO.

Philips – successful with light

The success story of Philips began with the manufacture of carbon filament lamps, which made the Dutch company the largest manufacturer in Europe already at an early stage of the company history. Thus, it is no surprise that Philips successfully stuck with this specialist field and regularly produces new trends in the Lighting Solutions business. One of the best-known examples is probably the illumination of the Allianz Arena in Munich. Currently, the company is on everyone's lips, in Germany and abroad, due to the amazing functions of its Hue system.


Being part of a global company that takes environmental protection and sustainability very seriously, it is the company’s aim to develop advanced lighting systems – primarily having in mind that electric lighting makes up one fifth of the global electricity demand, Philips wants to contribute to reducing the global demand for electricity and to cutting back the harmful CO2 emissions. Whether private homes, street lighting, offices and industry, hospitals or as in the case of the football club FC Bayern a football stadium – Philips Lighting now stands for THE future-oriented and ecologically responsible illuminant: the LED (light-emitting diode).


Philips Candlelights
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Philips LivingColors
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Philips Myliving
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Popular luminaires by Philips

A light or lamp by Philips Lighting is suitable for many different areas of application. In the private area it can be used as indoor as well as outdoor light. For this purpose, this shop offers you, amongst other things, numerous spotlights such as the amazingly flexible Myliving surface-mounted spotlights or the elegantly embedded Philips Sculptor recessed spotlights operated by means of modern LEDs. Right at the top of the popularity rankings is the Philips InStyle Flora ceiling light. It convinces with a pleasingly plain look and the wide diffuser made from high-quality glass. Thus, this light emits its soft, harmonious light in a large

radius. For this reason, enthusiastic customers get carried away by the delightfully illuminated living rooms and the low price. Another highly demanded light is the Border wall light 16942. The exterior light protected against the ingress of water splashing on all sides individually highlights a facade as well as a terrace, a balcony or stairways that quickly become a tripping hazard in the dark. Ecomoods, the product series with the motto "Strong design, strong price", is good for the household budget as well as the environment without compromising the design and the light quality. Here, we recommend the Fair pendant light which elegantly

upgrades each dining room and kitchen by means of its refined shape. Or the futuristic Vigoura table lamp that suffuses the living room and the bedroom with mood light. The Philips Ledino product line places emphasis on lights and lamps that set new standards in terms of illumination due to the combination of a “reduced look” and “innovative LED technology”: the elaborated Particon pendant light LED for the living room and the classically designed Freedom wall light which effectively illuminates the façade of a house are further popular representatives of the Philips lights.

The Philips family

Philips InStyle
Philips InStyle stands for a comprehensive range of lights that pamper the souls...

Philips Ledino
With “Philips Ledino” and the equipment of lights and lamps with powerful LED...

Philips Ecomoods
Cost-saving, warm and inviting light in combination with slim, elegant design...

Philips: excellent illumination outside private homes

The Dutch lighting expert is also the top address when it comes to office lighting, shop lighting, illumination for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and conference rooms. Furthermore, Philips lets sports facilities and other large areas as well as architectural attractions shine in a bright light. Besides the Allianz-Arena in Munich, another example is the energy-saving light

concept of the Brandenburg Gate for which the Dutch lighting specialist was assigned responsibility. Further fields of applications for specialist lighting systems are the areas of horticulture, refrigeration units, signage, heating systems as well as air and water purification. Vehicle lighting is another topic that Philips deals with. Here, conventional halogen headlights are

replaced by Xenon HID lamps which deliver twice the amount of light and thereby provide for more road safety. Additionally, they are easy on the environment and the household budget due to the energy consumption being halved and the service life being significantly higher.