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Good lighting for working and reading

Appropriate desk lighting is an important companion at work. Without suitable desk lamps, the eyes become tired much more quickly when working – so concentration decreases. In addition, shapes or colours may not be recognised correctly if the lighting conditions are poor. When selecting your desk light, make sure it is as glare-free as possible. Additional advice: If you want to save energy, we recommend an efficient LED desk lamp. Versions with a USB portallowing you to charge your smartphone conveniently are also extremely convenient.
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Artemide Tolomeo – the generalist for the desk

The desk lamp Tolomeo Tavolo by Artemide has been inspiring good design aficionados since 1987. The lamp, adjustable in many ways, is the ideal light source for your writing table - whether at the workplace or in the home office. Due to its clever cable-pull system, the elegant table lamp always remains in the chosen position. The E27 socket can be equipped with halogen lamps for perfect colour rendering or with LED lamps for economical usage. An LED version with permanently installed and very economical LED is also available. The Tolomeo family encompasses many other lamps that will suit your needs at the desk.

Desk lamp classics for your study

You will find many classics among desk lamps that have been available for many years and that are still exerting a special fascination. One of the best-known desk lamps is the invention of the German designer Richard Sapper. The Artemide Tizio, designed in 1972, captivates by its balance, which is ensured by an intelligent system of counterweights. The low-voltage lamp provides brilliant lighting quality. The Daphine, distributed by the Italian Lumina label and providing good light on the desk since the 1970s, has a similarly rich past. Additionally, many well-known classic desk lamps, such as the Anglepoise or the popular Gras lamp models from DCW, are available as authentic re-editions nowadays.

Working efficiently with modern LED desk lamps

No other illuminant is as efficient as the LED. During work, a few hours pass quickly, so economical LED desk lamps can perfectly demonstrate their assets here. State-of-the-art models, such as the Roxxane from the Stuttgart-based LED expert Nimbus, provide a high luminous flux with consuming much energy. The Kelvin desk lamps desk lamps from the renowned Flos also fascinate not only with their modern aesthetics, but also with efficient operation and exemplary lighting quality. The Artemide Demetra, successor to the legendary Tolomeo Tavolo, is a creation of the pioneer of minimal design, the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Demetra can also be ordered with a presence sensor that switches off automatically when no one is around.

Wall lamps: Alternatives for saving space

If a table lamp is not welcome on the desk, e.g. because there is not much space available on the table, wall lamps are a good substitute. If you decide on models with flexibly orientable arms, such as the Caravaggio W by Fritz Hansen, you can adjust the light cone in a way that you are not dazzled and the table surface gets illuminated evenly. The famous Tolomeo family , for example, holds wall luminaires that offer nearly the same range of flexibility as the Tavolo model. Many other well-known classic desk lamps also don’t need a foot to serve as desk lighting. Small models of the Lampe Gras line blend into your interior concept unobtrusively.

Pendant lights for perfect lighting conditions at work

One more alternative to illuminating a desk in the home office is pendant lights with downward lighting make sure that the table is illuminated homogeneously. Adjustable versions like the Luceplan Compendium prove particularly useful here. Compendium features an orientable cover with allows you to determine the light emission as you wish. Lights with a technical look, such as the LEDy by Steng Licht or the Oval Office pendant lights pendant lights by Mawa Design, blend in smoothly into modern office environments without having to sacrifice a sophisticated design.

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